Journal of Saheed Smarak College

Volume 1 – Issue 1

Cover Page

Published by: Saheed Smarak College

Evaluation of Upland Rice Landraces for Drought Tolerance Under Controlled Condition
at Sundarbazar, Lamjung

Authors: Bishnu Bilas Adhikari
Pages: 1-13
Keywords: Physio-morphic characters, novel variety, test weight, sterility percentage, chlorophyll.

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Implementation of Hydropower Development Policy in

Authors: Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan, Dhun Bahadur Budhathoki and Dr. Rajeshwori Malla-Pradhan
Pages: 14-26
Keywords: Hydropower Development Policy, Investment Friendliness, Policy Constraints, Nepal,
Hydroelectricity Potentiality.

Green Finance in Nepalese Banks: Policy and Position

Authors: Rashesh Vaidya, PhD and Dhurba Kumar Budhathoki
Pages: 27-38
Keywords: Green finance, Nepalese banks, policy, position.

Contribution of Income Tax in the Total Revenue of Nepa

Authors: Ashim Piya, Sanjeeb Sangroula, Ambira Pradhan and Sriyansu Piya
Pages: 39-48
Keywords: Taxation, Revenue, Income tax, Government expenditure, Fiscal stability.

Employees Psychological Well-Being and Job Performance Among Female Nursing
Workers in Nepal

Authors: Omkar Poudel , Dr. Khom Raj Kharel, Pradeep Acharya, Rakshya Pokharel and Shiva Bhandari
Pages: 49-62
Keywords: Psychological wellbeing, Work Engagement, Job Performance, Mediation, Smart-PLS, Nurses.

Occupational Aspiration of Workers of Hetauda Industrial Area

Authors: Yuba Raj Adhikari, M. Phil
Pages: 63-72
Keywords: Age, seniority, education, place of residence, wages.

Pronoun in Gurung and A Short Description of Language, Culture and Tradition

Authors: Ek Maya Gurung
Pages: 73-92
Keywords: Analyze, Conclusion, Culture, Gurung, Language, and Pronoun.

Basic Level Teachers’ Perception and Practices of Letter Grading System in Lamjung

Authors: Binod Neupane
Pages: 93-103
Keywords: Basic level teachers, challenges, letter grading, perception

कक्षा १२ को अनिवार्य नेपाली पाठ्यपुस्तकमा समाविष्ट व्याकरणका अभ्यास

लेखक: अरुणविलास अधिकारी
पृष्ठ: १०४-१२५
शब्दकुञ्जी: अक्षरीकरण, वर्णविन्यास, भाषा पाठ्यपुस्तक विधि, वाक्य, शब्दनिर्माण

आधुनिक नेपाली कविताका प्रमुख धारा र मोडहरू

लेखक: किशोर काफ्ले
पृष्ठ: १२६-१४२
शब्दकुञ्जी: प्राथमिक, माध्यमिक, आधुनिक, परिष्कारवाद, स्वच्छन्दतावाद, प्रयोगवाद, समसामयिक