Shaheed Smarak College situated in Ward No. 19 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan has been established with the hard labour of social workers, intellectuals and aware guardians in the memory of known and unknown martyrs of this area who sacrificed their life for the cause of democracy in the country. Beginning with classes of proficiency certificate level, this college has run the classes of 11 and 12 affiliated with NEB and B.Ed., B.B.S. of Bachelor level and M.B.S. of Master’s level affiliated with T.U. with 800+ students of different level studying regularly at present. This college has been in the path of its development along with changing time and context. This college with 35 lectures and 10 administrative and other staffs has a strong management committee of social, intellectual and educated personalities to manage and run the college. This college is run by social personality and not motivated for personal gain or economic benefit and established for providing social service. The management committee of this college being self-motivated to uplift the status of this college and ever contemplating on how to spread the light of education and in the society has regularly conducted the meeting, interaction and conference of students, teachers and other stakeholders.